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Well, it’s been a while! ((A while, it’s been nearly 3 months Peachy! I mean, I know you’ve been selling your house, moving onto a boat, changing jobs and helping at Newark Book Festival (where you fan-girled/woman’d on Fran and Rich from Floating Our Boat) but come on! ONE WORD – PRIORITIES! Have you actually managed any writing in the last 3 months…))

Erm, the answer is no, ((…)) and before you say anything, a writer doesn’t have to be writing to be writing – I’ve been coming up with ideas, planned stories and promoted my books through blogs and online chats, so I have been writing sort of. ((You bloody writer folk have a flipping answer for everything!)) Also, I was so excited to meet Fran and Rich! ((I know you have literally told everyone!))

Anyway, for those not following me on social media, we have moved house and onto a narrowboat. It all went perfectly but of course that does not stop the stress and sleepless nights because I don’t have a crystal ball and I didn’t know it would all go so well. But here we are about to embark on our first ‘proper’ cruise. We have been out on the boat twice since we moved on here at the end of May. To bring it back to the Marina, and then a little cruise to test the engine work we’d had done, all was fine but the shower broke so we had to return. After much faffing we discovered the wiring was shorting the electrics and obviously the shower pump was wired into the aerial electric things – as it is on boats!

In an attempt to keep these blogs short ((thank goodness for that. I’ve been worrying that the first blog after a break would be some kind of epic sick up of words!)) nicely put Brackets. I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to blog at the end of each day with a little update on cruising life, which will include writing of course! They might be a bit behind ‘real time’ though as I’m focusing on writing first and foremost as well as cruising.

Without further ado, here is an update on writing life… I’ve so far managed to send my edits back to my digital publisher, Saga Fiction for my latest romance novel and they’ve asked me to contribute to an Anthology they are putting together. I had a moment of creatively and stayed up late writing my short story, so I’ve emailed over for them to say yes or no.

I’m so pleased with how Power of Nature has been received which is available now on Amazon. The reviews are fabulous and I feel its job done when people connect with my characters the way I intended and all those hours of writing and editing are worth it.

A couple of reviews “Loved this book, was very hard to put down after a reading a few chapters just wanted to continue reading it as it was pulling you in to find out more about Harriet and her plight. Brilliant characters, that I could almost visualise it as a movie. It had murder, mystery, love, and I loved the way the story had an eco tale to tell.”

“If you like thrillers/mysteries with a fast-moving plot and a main character who has depth and develops through the story, I think you will enjoy this book. “

((turns out you can tell a good tale, Peachy – I’m impressed.)) I know right, who knew? This is the first one of my books to go on ‘blog tour’ so that was all very exciting. It was a bit difficult to keep track of everything with life being busy but it added some happiness to each day when a review came in. The book has been pinging up and down the charts so if you want to buy a kindle copy then click the link above. I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve also had a couple of stories published in a new anthology with my writing group, Fosseway Writers. All credit to them as all I did was throw a couple of stories at them and they did all the work with the editing etc. I love the title… Blood, Sweat and Typewriters! ((That is genius Peachy, I bet you didn’t come up with it?!)) No, I’m pretty sure it was Nick who had that stroke of genius. Anyway, it’s available from Amazon and buying a copy supports our writing group to book speakers and have workshops so you’re supporting lots of people, as well as the local library and café where we have our meetings.

Right, time to write…

P.S. if anyone knows how to add a photo from my phone without having to resize etc for a blog post can you let me know please? I used to be able to just upload them but now they seem to want resizing etc and it’s a faff so i keep using stock images – thanks in advance if you know an easy way!

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