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New books and exciting life news…

I seem to be a bit all the over the shop with my blog posts. ((Tell me about it Peachy, I don’t know if I’m coming or going and I like my routine you know. I’m not just here for you to pick up and drop me whenever you feel like it! Anyway, get to the good news!))

GOOD NEWS – book 2 in the Festival of Time Series: Rescue, is available on Amazon. As always there was that terrifying ‘pressing of the button’ when it goes live and then there is the ‘long wait’ for the paperback to arrive in the post to make sure I haven’t accidently uploaded my life story ((Well, it’s not as if everyone isn’t aware of what goes on in your life since you tell literally everyone, all the time. Even people who don’t know you, know you.)) It’s called engaging with your readers! Anyway, book 2 is alive and if you want to download it or buy a paper copy then that would be wonderful. I mean it has dragons, magic, and adventure – what’s not to like. The Kindle version is on offer for 99p from 10th-17th April so please download your copy… book three is well on its way and I have passed the 51k mark!

My new e-book will be published by Saga Fiction will be published on 16th April, ‘Power of Nature’ the blurb…
Harriett loves the solitude and healing power of the beach. As she settles into a new life, she cautiously tries to forge new friendships. When the handsome stranger on the beach strikes an unusual friendship with her, Harriet is almost convinced she has left her traumatic past behind. But the discovery of a body on the beach sends her life into turmoil. Harriet is now questioning everything and everyone around her­—even herself. 
Because Harriett has a secret. Her traumatic past means she cannot trust the memories of her earlier life. As suspicions around the dead body rise, questions are asked and investigations are being made. And Harriet is caught at the centre of the storm. 
Will Harriett’s past ruin her future forever? Will her memory return? Will love and the power of nature heal her past traumas?
((Wow, that does sound exciting. I love the one-liner for this… What would you do if you couldn’t trust your own memory? I think they wrote this about you, Peachy!))

On Thursday I took part in my very first podcast with Kristina Adams as part of podcast on the Writer’s Cookbook it was really good fun so I cannot wait to share that with you next month.
I’m also taking part in a Facebook live chat with a fellow author Varun Gwalani as his new book ‘The Only Way Out is Death’ which is brilliant, I’m halfway through and loving it! There are limited places on this chat… click here to register

To my final bit of news…

We are in the process of selling our house with the ultimate plan of buying a canal boat and cruising the canal network – writer afloat! This is in the early days of planning but we are hoping to do this massive change sooner rather than later so watch out for future blogs. (And if you have a place to rent in the meantime let me know!)

Right, that’s it from me today. Good luck with all your projects and I might be back in touch very soon as it’s my blog anniversary next week! ((Well, I will make sure I put my life on hold for the next riveting instalment of your life… it’s all you, you, you! I’m not sure about living on a boat Peachy what if I get seasick!))

Well, it is a blog about my writing journey, Brackets. What do you expect, it’s going to be about me! Sorry everyone, domestic is over, as you were! xx

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