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Online Learning & working holidays on location


Hi all, hope everyone has had a good week and are have not been too cooked in this heat! It’s probably not a great time for me to be doing a blog on writing when I haven’t actually managed much this week. I am in full on summer holidays and just spent a lovely four days around the Whitby area. (yes I know I only just got back from London! my bank balance knows it only too well! I am sure my bank manager sits there refreshing my account whilst drinking whisky and shaking their head! wait until they see my transactions from jersey today lol) But, in my defence I did also visit Scarborough which is one of the locations in my novel – so ha!!! I was on a working holiday… (I can feel an expenses claim coming on ;0 )

I don’t know how most other writers go on with ‘on location’ inspiration. I draw most of mine from memory and have chosen places that I know well. It is always good to go back and soak up the atmosphere though. I take loads of pictures (so many in fact that I’ve had frantic messages from my phone and icloud that I am at the limit – again! sighs. So in my one day at home I have had to clear and transfer as many as I can) I love pictures, when I am writing if I cannot conjure the setting/location/atmosphere in my head, I look at a picture for inspiration. I will be doing this in Jersey as well, book two will have quite a bit set in Jersey – well that’s the plan – my characters might have other ideas! I am so excited about finally getting some serious writing done at the end of August when all my main holidays come to an end. This summer has really been about inspiration for future stories – okay this might have included the odd glass of fizz and gallons of coffee, oh and maybe fish and chips… this is really important for a writer though – the inspiration creates the magical stories.

I have just sent off a children’s short story to an editor I found in the writers magazine. Writing is a process which requires you to develop your craft all the time. By having a professional look at it, it helps me to see where I am making obvious mistakes. This does come at a cost but I see it as an investment. I have also signed up for a Future Learn course – start writing fiction – this starts in September. Although I have already written my first book – I am no means an expert and I hoping this course will help me focus. I still need to get my book  out to the world for judgement (end of august I promise it will be sent out!) I have completed future learn courses before and they are well worth a look. If you are looking to do research for a book – they can provide loads of information and it just make the old brain work.

Right, ranted enough now. Off to get myself ready to go to Jersey – WHAT??? its a working holiday… 🙂 x

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