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Spies, visiting, typewriters and thoughts.


Sorry my blog is a day late this week. You are very lucky to have it at all! After a lovely week spent in London and the Buckinghamshire area, I travelled back from London on Friday. Walking from Euston to Kings Cross (I know its not far!) but the heat and the fact my vision had been blurry for a few days meant I got lost as I couldn’t read the signs! I arrived into Kings Cross looking like a human lobster. If someone had stuck a solar panel near my face – I think I could have charged it enough to power a small city until at least 2050!  Anyway enough of that! To the writing…

Needless to say there hasn’t been much of that going off! But, what there has been is lots of thinking, planning and down time – which are all equally important for a writer (so I have heard) I have a spy story  in mind to write soon, so all the various visits including to Hughenden  really helped. If you are looking for any inspiration for spy/war stories – you need to get yourself a pass and go visiting. The picture above is from the ‘ice house bunker’ which is on site – as the place was taken over for World War Two and was the house of Benjamin Disraeli (he was a Prime Minister in the uk) I gained so many ideas and so much inspiration here, just the feeling of the place takes you back so you can imagine the times. (the pic above is from the ice bunker)

Tomorrow I will be travelling to one of the locations which is in my book – so tune in next week for a sneak preview into where that is. I am away a lot of the next few weeks but will still be blogging and trying to pass of info.

I have also signed up to receive the Writing Magazine – they have an offer where you get the Writers’ & Artists Yearbook free if you sign up. Everyone says this is a must for finding information about publishers and agents – I will let you know what I think of it in a future blog.

Signing off now to pack the bags again. I swear I heard my bag sigh earlier (I told it to shut up as that’s its job – not just to live under my bed in luxury – its not a cat!)

As always, leave a comment if you want me to find anything out for you (writing wise – everything else ask google) or share info that would be great.

P.s…. that typewriter pic has really made me want to buy a typewriter! must have one.



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