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Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, Bucket List, and Anniversary

Well, after the disappointment of last Saturday – the skydive was called off due to bad weather, we finally got the chance to do it yesterday… quite a lot happened so I might turn it into a little short story for next week’s blog 😊 It was awesome!!! What a rush, loved it, and cannot wait to do it again. If you have ever thought about it – go for it.

This week I found a piece of paper with a list I’d made, yet another which I never fully got to the end off. Anyway, I’d written this earlier in the year probably on a day when I was feeling fed up ((because you’d eaten all the Christmas chocolate and felt fat lol))*, shut-up brackets. ((Hey, why have you put a * next to me?)) because people that are new to the blog won’t understand what you are. ((What, cool, funny, intellectual..)) whatever, I need to explain you so that people don’t think I’m just talking to myself. It was beginning of January time – the time when we think about the year ahead, and I’d written down a few things – kind of a bucket list, I wanted to achieve this year. Normally nothing is crossed off this list by the end of the year!   ((That’s because you’re proper lazy!))  But so far I have achieved two things, 1) I’ve written a book & 2) I’ve completed a skydive. I would say that’s not bad going. There are a few other things on the list which I might try and get crossed off before the end of the year.

Anyway, this week has been a good week. I’ve achieved quite a lot, and we all need to celebrate things we achieve. I’ve sent my book to a few more agents, and I’ve jumped out of a plane. ((Are you ever going to stop going on about it! YAWN!!!)) I’m celebrating 20 yrs with my partner this weekend ((I don’t know how the hell you have managed that!!! I couldn’t spend 5 minutes with him. Then again I wouldn’t want to spend 5 mins with you – so you are a perfect match! I’m so funny! I’m on fire today)) We’re off to London to celebrate/commiserate??? So what’s the secret to a long lasting relationship I hear you ask – lots of Baileys, Prosecco for me, selective hearing, patience, more prosecco, chocolate, and be your own person. ((Why don’t you get that bucket and shove a prosecco in it!! Told you, on fire today. I’m definitely the funny one in this relationship)) – that’s what you think – I have the power to delete brackets don’t forget!!!! ((Erm that would actually be classed as murder – people only read your blog because I’m so funny – without me, you are nothing mwah mwah mwah mwah)) whatever I’m only keeping you in because Karla said you were funny, but then again she likes one of our friends jokes, and he’s not funny! ((Karla, I love you)) creep.

Right, sorry got a bit carried away there when this blog was supposed to be all serious about the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. Sorry ☹ So, I finally received my copy, and I have to agree with everything people have told me – it’s brilliant, and if you’re serious about writing – this is worth the investment. I got mine free when I subscribed to Writing Magazine – this year’s W&A book is £25. If this wasn’t on offer though I would have invested in it. It’s packed with information about the writing process, submissions, being published. You can always get your copy from your Library – just don’t write it in as I have in my copy. It has the all-important lists of agents and publishers – what kind of work they are after – with information about what they are looking for, I went through all these and highlighted the ones that looked like they would be a fit, I then researched them online to look at what other authors they represented etc. The book is well worth the money.  I’ve used it to submit to three agents, and definitely a lot more I can submit too; including publishers. So, now playing the waiting game to hear back – such is a writer’s life. ((OH yeah, such a hard life, hanging about the house, making stuff up, networking on Twitter – drinking coffee. My heart bleeds. Meanwhile, I’m hanging about waiting for Friday to come along when I’m finally allowed a voice. I’m going to start sneaking into your stories – that would be hilarious!!)) NO, it really wouldn’t.

Right, that’s it other than to add. I got longlisted for a flash fiction story– yippee, but got a story turned down for a magazine – not yippee – put my short story on amazon – yippee – bit more on that in another blog, it was pretty simple, but there are a few little  bits that I found a bit tricky that just might make it smoother for others planning on doing this. Off to enjoy my anniversary celebration in London. Have a fab week everyone – see you Friday 😊

*These brackets are how I keep sane working at home on my own, please feel free to ignore them ((OI!))

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