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Novel feedback and bucket list travels

Okay, so this will probably be my final blog ((What, ever, ever? Surely not – what about me? Although I could probably entertain people better than you!)) for six to seven weeks ((shucks)) Due to my upcoming bucket list holiday on Monday, for those that don’t know ((Please, even people that don’t know you, know you’re going on holiday – if I had eyes I would roll them!)) I’m jetting off to Singapore for a few days, and then a month in New Zealand and a week in Sydney. Very excited!

If I get chance I will do a blog, but I really want to enjoy this amazing life experience to the full, without any of commitments ((Charming, just drop us lot why don’t you!)) Of course, life experiences are vital for everyone, but especially for writers’. I’m looking forward to embracing all the cultures and experiences that these far off lands have to offer. I’m very excited about my Hobbiton trip. ((That’s coz you look like a hobbit – I’m totally on fire again! Someone has to provide the entertainment around here!)) So, while I’m having my break – please don’t leave my blog… ((Just think of it as a chance of a lifetime for yourself not having to listen to Miss know it all waffling on))

I will attempt to share pictures and my journey on Instagram and Twitter. I find that pictures really help inspire my stories, I hope you enjoy them and they can inspire some story ideas. 

Instagram @clpeache
Twitter @c_peache

As promised I said I would discuss the Literature Surgery I attended at The Quad in Derby with Alex Davis. So, here goes, this cost £20 at the time of booking for a half an hour session to discuss my novel. I forwarded 10,000 words before the session. We went through all the things that worked well in the novel, and the various points I could work on. This session was so useful, and if you have a novel and want feedback I can highly recommend it. You’re getting an impartial opinion which is very valuable when you’re on the ‘writing journey’.

I’m lucky to have a few beta readers, but a fresh pair of eyes from someone that has no emotional connection to you is something worth seeking out if you have access to workshops in your area. I found the comments very useful with regards to the plot pace, maybe I was giving away some of the details too soon; so, this would mainly involve me swopping round a few chapters. Also, I received feedback on how to make my writing stronger. The important part of this is to have an open mind, try not to take any comment to heart. Think about the feedback – you might decide you don’t agree with the comments, and that’s fine at the end of the day it’s your novel. When I eventually get an agent/publisher ((How the mighty will fall!)) I have no doubt there will be plenty of suggestions and changes to make, so all this is good practice to emotionally prepare myself!

Alex also suggested that I go down the route of looking to get an agent, as you know from previous blogs, I’ve been undecided about which route to follow and have sent book one out to only a few agents and indie publishers. Now I’ve spent a bit of time in the writing world I think it is worth me pursuing an agent, so that will be the plan when i get home.

That’s my week, and two pennies worth on the subject of writing for a while. ((Hurrah))

I hope everyone has a fabulous time ((oh we will, the peace and quiet will be wonderful)) See you six weeks where I will be fed-up and grumpy as I won’t be on holiday and I have to brave getting a new job when I return ((Anyone that employs you deserves a medal, also no-one will feel sorry for you as you’ve been off work for 6 months faffing about pretending oh, I’m a writer and going a holiday of a lifetime, please, we will all be laughing at you, not with you, that is for sure lol))

((I would stop reading now, as she’s on with some blatant self-promotion in the next part… You’re welcome))

I tend to promote my work during the ‘launch’ time. I know I get fed up of people constantly plugging their books, so I don’t want to do the same. BUT, since I’m away if anyone wants to buy a copy and support an indie author that would be mighty kind of you 😉

Game of Souls – Scary Christmas Novella available via Amazon for 99p or free on Kindle Unlimited

A night lost to the past – A Short Story about 3 friends on a night out that doesn’t exactly go as planned! 99p on kindle

If the links don’t work you can find me on Amazon 🙂

Thanks for the support 😊 happy writing folks. xx




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