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After lockdown, adventures of an author and trying to make a living!

Well, I’m not 100% sure where to start… ((Always best to start at the beginning, waffle a bit in the middle and finish at the end. Unless you’re writing a time-travel novel or a historical novel, but let’s not be picky!)) Yeah, thanks, Brackets, helpful!

So, the last month has been beyond busy. If you follow me on social media, I think I’ve either been quiet or moaning about the long hours on the PC. I feel like I’m missing out on the beautiful weather which has now appeared in the UK. But last weekend, I finally managed to catch-up with friends, being generally a very sociable person, I didn’t realise how much I needed it. Also, I had a gazillion ideas on the train! It’s still strange having to wear a mask everywhere but I’m sure people must have been able to see the crinkle of my eyes from smiling ((That’s just wear and tear and middle age, Peachy or maybe a lack of sleep))

It’s been crazy busy ((You’ve already said this! Excuse her folks… menopausal brain!)) and to be honest, I’m not quite sure how I haven’t lost the plot. Do you find when life is so busy, lack of sleep and stress follow and it just perpetuates everything being so much harder? But I’ve pushed on, because I’m a Yorkshire Lass and failure is not an option, and I’ve done many things I never thought I would do; including having an article published in my local paper ( and being on BBC Radio Nottingham (  23mins in) talking about my new creative writing studio which I’ve spoken about in another blog. The first writing workshop took place on Friday 28th May and I was so pleased with how it went, the sun shone and we had the large stable door swung open. It feels so good to help local writers develop their skills and I will admit it’s a bit of a bonus the fact I get to join in and improve my own writing. ((Still need to improve the editing, Peachy.))

The second stressful item on the list has been helping to organise Newark Book Festival. Wow, I thought last year was hard! I knew nothing! It was mainly down to funding, timings, and other things at play but we had to turn the programme around in record time. In the end I think we turned the brochure around in one day ready to go to the printer! The studios will be hosting a couple of workshops this year, which is extremely exciting.

To the writing…
As you know, last month I told you about my digital publishing deal. I’m pleased to announce @sagafiction (follow them on Twitter and Instagram) are publishing two of my stories: A Night lost to the Past and A Christmas Wish. They are currently being edited, ready to be relaunched when their new app comes online. It was extremely exciting to receive the edits back for A Christmas Wish and receive a proof of the cover. Exciting news… they are also going to publish 4 more of my stories but I have to write them yet! Deadline’s loom! ((Don’t pretend you don’t LOVE a deadline!)) I do, I feel like I’m writing for a purpose now. I’m target driven, what can I say!
I’ve spoken many times about the journey to publication and I feel I have found the perfect publisher for my stories. I love working with Pranika and Aakriti who are the founders of Saga, my books have found their perfect home. I’m still self-publishing some works as Saga are digital publishers at the moment with their future plans involving print copies.

Due to the deadlines above I’ve not been able to finish the final edit of book two in my fantasy series, Festival of Time. I was aiming to publish the book before the planned Spring 2022 but time and money are against me at the moment. I will publish book two! I promise ((I believe you Peachy. You’re not another well known fantasy writer who leaves fans waiting… decades.)) I am excited to get back to the story, although sometimes it’s useful to have a break from a story as it helps you to see any holes in the plot. ((You ought to take a break from yourself then!)) I also have to finish designing the fantasy game which compliments the series but this project is definitely on hold for the moment.

I feel like my blog posts have changed this year, but everything I talk about is part my writing journey. The Secret Garden Studios and freelance work for Newark Book Festival are all work I’m doing to pay for/help my writing career. I don’t know many creative people who don’t have numerous income streams to make ends meat, and even with all that, the financial situation is a constant stress which often finds me on the sofa in the middle of the night. ((Okay, okay Peachy. If I had hands, I would play the violin! I will buy a copy of your latest book: Festival of Time: Escape, if it stops you guilt tripping me!)) Thanks – here’s the link to my books… . Believe me, every SINGLE penny makes a difference right now.

One last one… ((Please, I know a lot’s been happening, but seriously, if you’ve read this far then you’re either related to Peachy – poor them or you’re a fan – in that case, thank you, because without your support I will get deleted… Me… Brackets… confined to a cyber black hole!!)) I’ve been asked about my psychological thrillers. These have never been published, just a few of my beta readers have seen these and I constantly get nagged about them, which is very flattering. The thrillers featuring, Hope and Tom ((OMG! OMG! TOM!)) will come one day. I promise!

Right, that’s it! Sorry for the long post. I really should blog weekly but I just don’t have the time right now.  I have deadlines people. Deadlines!

I wish you all a fabulous month of writing.

Clair xx

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