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Happiness, tears, good days and bad days… the life of an author…

Before I start waffling, the picture attached to my blog is the cover reveal for A Christmas Wish, which has found a new home with @sagafiction I love the cover and I’m very excited about my novella being published in August!

Well, last month, was a month, and in true ‘life can never be predicted’ most of the exciting events happened on the same day. To be quite honest, some good news was long overdue, as the week before I was sobbing into my cushion, feeling overwhelmed by how busy life had become. The late nights and early mornings were merging into one ((I’m not going to lie, I was worried about you Peachy.)) Ah, thanks Brackets. Me too, I consider myself to be a very strong person but sometimes enough is enough and when you have good friends going through horrific times, it just kinda gets too much ((Your brain was like a Windows update gone very wrong!)) Is there any other kind with windows updates?! ((Good point, well made, Peachy)) 

Anyway, I shared my good news on social; which was getting a part-time job back at my old workplace, which will allow me time to run the writing studio and write my novels, leaving weekends free for socialising and workshops at the studio. I also received a business grant from Newark and Sherwood Council for the Secret Garden Studios – . I cannot say how welcome this grant was. Not only because it’s a validation of my hard work but it meant the stress, late nights, and tears were worth it. It also means the studio can grow and adapt to the changing world we are living in right now. It was a day, that is for sure! To be completely honest, I think it’s taken this long to sink it. After years of working to get to this point, I’ve needed a bit of time to process the news, which is a luxury I’ve not had for a while.  

In writing news, I sent off my first manuscript a few days before my deadline. I wrote approx. 62,000 words in 40 days, including two read throughs and edits. ((Alright show off! Give it a rest!)) It’s not about showing off, Brackets. It’s about showing what can be achieved if you want something bad enough. Getting up, sometimes at 4am, to get my wordcount in before I ‘started the day’ was tough. I felt like was working at a million miles an hour, but I bloody love writing and if you love something, you might moan about it ((Oh you moan alright, surprised your friends and families ears ain’t bleeding!)) but you get on and get the job done. I’m now working on my next writing deadline, which is a novella due in about three weeks! ((I’m looking forward to this one Peachy – a mystery in Jersey!))  

In work news, I made the difficult decision to say no to some work. It was just too much on top of everything else and we all have our limits. I started to feel like I wasn’t doing anything to my usual high standard and everything was overwhelming. Even Yorkshire lasses must accept they cannot do everything and I was pushed way beyond my limit. ((I think writing a novel, running a new business, applying and interviewing for jobs, working on Newark Book Festival and you know, with normal life stuff, anyone would have to protect themselves and say no. Wow, I’m being so nice. To my fans – normal life will resume next month)) I’ve finally started to sleep properly since i made the decision, so it shows how much the stress was draining my energy.  

More exciting News! My books are in my local library, which is very exciting. ((Stop repeating words, Peachy! EDIT EDIT!!))  A big thank you to the Library Manager, Alice for being so supportive. My travel book 187 Kilometres, turn left and book one in my fantasy series: A Festival of Time: Book One: Escape are now available to the masses. I still cannot believe MY books are in a Library! 

This month is going to be another busy one but I have a lovely break planned mid-July, with some of my family. I’m really looking forward to a week off and to completely switch off. The next two weeks include 4 days working at Newark Book Festival, starting a new job, workshops at the studios and writing a novella. It’s going to be tough and I will need a holiday at the end! 

Have a great month. Hopefully, next month I will be reporting a more relaxed and less stressful life and should hopefully have more news to share on my novels.  ((I’m impressed you haven’t mentioned your birthday celebrations. What was it? 5 different celebrations. One thing is for sure, Peachy. Judith is coming back – (that’s travel queen Judith Chalmers for those not in the know).)) 

Happy writing everyone.

Clair x 

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