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When life has balance…

Hello, who am I? ((well, Peachy I could answer that, but you might have to edit it a little bit!)) Does anyone else feel like the months are just whizzing by? I’m determined to have more time to read for the rest of the year, I feel like I cannot continue to call myself a writer if I’m not reading enough! Doesn’t Stephen King say you need to read a lot to be a good writer?!

So, I hope all is going well in your writing/reading worlds. During the last two weeks I’ve finally achieved the goal of having a routine, well sort of, more below. Two days in the writing studio/writing/organising workshops and three days in paid work – very important when self-employed/freelance, it makes all the difference having that regular money pop into the bank each month for bills and essentials. ((It goes straight back out in prosecco, coffee, and holidays!)) An as author, Brackets, it is my duty to drink coffee, booze and explore my surroundings for research. ((Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before – as in binge watching TV series… blah blah blah – writers! Have an answer for everything!))

As I said, it’s only been two weeks but so far, so good, with the routine. I’m not sure it’s fully sunk in yet that I’m finally living the life I wanted for so long. You know when you’re so stressed and busy it takes a while for the brain to catch up when you’ve settled down? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting up some days at 5am to meet my writing deadlines and coming home from work, making tea and then working on the studio programme, but it’s all at my own pace and in my control. I have a couple of my stories which I’m desperate to get back to, including finishing book two of my dragon series and the psychological thriller which I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. They are becoming a serious writing itch which I need to scratch!

I finished my last novella in July and submitted it to my publisher on the deadline date! Eek! i intended to do some writing on holiday but got distracted by dolphins, sea kayaking and finally seeing my family after 7 long months. I’m about halfway through another novella, which needs to be submitted by end of August and then it’s another novel by the end of September. I really need to do some planning to achieve this deadline. I also have my edits coming back from the other stories, so it’s all go, as usual, but I’m managing a walk in the morning and quite a bit of faffing in-between.

I’ve seen a sneak preview of the new app for my digital publisher and it looks fab. Few bits and bobs to iron out as you do with any new system. But it was very exciting seeing my book on the virtual shelf! I cannot wait until it’s live and I can share it. (hopefully on Friday 13th!) I have to do a video answering a few questions which I’m not looking forward to. I know I can rattle on but being in front of a screen is a bit different. I apologise in advance when I’m plastered all over social media waffling like a… well I don’t know what – someone who waffles!

I really need to make some time to update my website, I’ve been neglecting it for far too long. ((Well, since you’ve barely read anything and done nothing on your dragon story I wouldn’t bother!)) Alright, Brackets, a girl only has so many hours in the day.

Right, that’s me done. I hope all is going well with everyone, feel free to comment and share your news. I love hearing what everyone else is doing. ((She means she’s really nosey and needs some ideas for her next story!))

Have a good month

Clair xx

((and Brackets))

P.S. My New Zealand travel book turned one on 27th July so I decided to make it my pic for this months blog. If you want to buy a copy here is the link… 187 Kilometres, turn left

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