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The trials and tribulations of self publishing…

A question for the self-published folk of the world… do you more or less forget everything about the process each time you’re ready to upload to Amazon? (Or your preferred platform) ((No, Peachy. It’s just you being unorganised. You’re a writer, here’s a thought… why don’t you write it down? Give me strength!)) Good idea, Brackets and I have, but they are scribbled notes on bits of paper as I always seem to be in a rush to publish. I WILL BE MORE ORGANISED. I must say, it’s much easier when I publish a book through my digital publisher, I just send off my final edits and after a while, the book magically appears on their app! Another book birthday to be added to the list! ((Nice link to the Saga Fiction advertising Peachy, I don’t think anyone noticed. There is hope for you yet. I’ve added a link to their app since you couldn’t remember that bit!))

Top tip if you’re thinking of self-publishing on Amazon, it is easier when you read all the guides and information first! Don’t be like me and rush because you’re excited that the bloody book you have been bloody working on is finally bloody ready to be birthed… even though, ordering your proof copy is only the start of getting it out there. See previous blogs for information on the different stages.

Anyhow, anyway, the proof copy finally arrived, and I excitedly opened it to find that the writing was tiny. Give me strength. So, it was back online with an extra strong coffee and down to business. This time I did it properly and wrote everything down as I went along and eventually, I nailed the formatting – I need to add this is only for my first proof copy so the final proof read can be done before sending it to  The Book Typesetters who knock it all into shape and give it that professional touch. ((You remembered to add the link! Well done Peachy, I keep telling you marketing is part of your job as an author as did Rachael from The Book Typesetters!)) Thanks brackets. What would I do without you? ((Well, your blog wouldn’t have 200 followers and nearly 7k views that is for sure!))

Okay, so where was I? New proof copy ordered and dropped off with my fabulous friend to be scanned for final errors. After checking with him earlier in the week ((Nagging she means. Her friends must be sick of her by now!)) he had read half of the book and found one error!!!!!!!!! I tried so hard with this copy, once I’d made the amendments from my editor, I went through it so carefully and I must admit, I’m pretty darn proud of myself since all this grammar and punctuation stuff isn’t my skill set ((Oh, your blog readers are well aware of this fact Peachy!))

Fast forward to Monday when I met my friend to chat about my book and discuss the edits. This is always a scary moment but phew, he loved the book (other than a bit of the storyline which he didn’t like but I cannot change it as it’s part of the story and I’m sorry it’s a bit mean!) There was also not many edits required ((Woohoo, Peachy. You really are learning how to write and edit – who knew you had it in you!)) I had a meeting in the afternoon but went straight home after and actioned the edits so I could send it to The Book Typesetters for them to work their magic. Once received from them, it will be uploaded to Amazon and I will be able to order my final, final proof copy to check it before the all-important ‘make it live’ ((In your head you sounded like Captain Picard saying ‘make it so’ didn’t you?)) No comment.

I am very excited to publish this book and slightly ahead of time as I promised Spring 2022 which is March 20th! Book three for the fans asking… you can follow my progress on social or on my Festival of Time page. I’m 35k in and aiming to complete it in March! There, I said it. Obviously, it will then need to be edited etc but I’m going to give a flexible date of November 2022 ((I love an unrealistic target!)) as I would like it out for Christmas. If I can sell enough copies, I’m going to create a special edition set with new digital covers, but this will be expensive, so might be a future plan. There is also the board game to finish!

Anyway, for now. Take care. If you’re self-publishing and have any questions, please let me know. I will try and help.

Clair ((and me)) x

P.S. You can buy book one in the fantasy series for 99p on Amazon! I know, all those adventures for only 99p! Here is a little link and preview : Festival of Time : Book One : Escape

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