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2021 was a bit discombobulated…

I love the word discombobulated and I don’t think it’s used enough. I feel like it perfectly describes how I felt in 2021 and 2020 come to that! ((Well, finally we are back. What have you been messing about at Peachy? It’s been ages since your last blog post?))

Hey Brackets, I know, I just haven’t been feeling the whole blogging thing and decided if I didn’t have anything to say, I might as well not inflict a pointless blog on anyone. It also been a busy time from my last post, and I had to make some difficult decisions; including closing down the writing studios workshops and pulling back on other commitments. ((Wow! You are actually human then? I’m not going to lie, I was beginning to wonder where you were finding the hours!)) There were many reasons for closing the studios, but mainly it stole too much of my writing time and something had to change. Never say never, and although I’m sad about the decision, I feel like my life is finally where I want it to be now. I am working part-time and writing part-time, with a few other bits and bobs in the mix of course!

I didn’t manage many words during NaNo, which is the first time in the last 3 years I haven’t written a book in November but I knew taking part was a long shot, and since I’ve written 3 novels and 3 novella’s in 2021, as well as LOADS of editing, there is no way I’m going to give myself a hard time and I’m going to celebrate my achievements instead. I love goals and challenges, but I always try to be realistic. Life is too short to give yourself a tough time, life is hard enough!

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. If you make resolutions, then good luck for 2022! I have made a few based around my health but I also have a few writing goals; to finish off book two in my fantasy series, as publication was delayed after I tested positive for covid mid-December. So the early part of this year will be about finishing the editing and getting it published, followed by finishing writing book three which I’m hoping will be published before Easter. ((Promises, promises Peachy. Just get the series finished already – you will be getting a reputation like GRRM (George RR Martin) for not finishing your books! Your readers will be demanding their money back – all 2 of them! Sorry, couldn’t resist!)) Yeah, yeah, I know Brackets!

Once the fantasy series is finished I really want to rewrite my psychological thriller series. It is time the world is introduced to Tom and Hope. ((I’m not gonna lie. I am terrified of Tom!!!!!)) I also have a few books being published with my digital publisher, Saga Fiction in 2022. They have all been written and are going through the editing process. So, lots to look forward to this year.

Right, short and sweet blog for me. I just wanted to get back on track with my blogging and check in with everyone. I have high hopes for 2022, which is probably dangerous but although 2021 was hard, I still have so much to celebrate, it was a dream come true to find a home for my stories with Saga Fiction, as well as still self-publishing. I’m looking forward to much less stress and more time to write. Hopefully, next month I can share pictures of my writing den which I’m redecorating and moving around.

Take care, keep writing and I look forward to sharing my booky news in 2022 😊 x ((Hopefully I will feature more in 2022 as well. I felt your discombobulation Peachy, and I’m glad you’re getting back to your old self. It means I can be rude again! Let’s face it, at your age you need to get a move on and get your books finished…  Happy New Year peeps.))

Now my life has a better routine (hopefully!) I’m going to post my blog on the first Monday of the month ((Oh joy. I’m sure everyone is adding these important dates to their diary!))

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