Day eleven… a bit of a rest day, sort of!

After a lazy morning we decide to stay another night on the Marina as we are a bit tired and the next stretch on our way home is back to the Fradley area, which is lovely but as we know from coming up, it’s very tiring and you have to have your wits about you especially when dodging wasps!

I get stuck into uploading my blogs and more editing. It might not look it but it’s quite time consuming to put the blog together. First, I have to experience it to write about it, then comes the writing, then the editing and then uploading to WordPress, edit again when I find mistakes, sort out and upload the pictures, schedule it and write the sharing post. Of course, once it’s gone live I spot errors but oh well, I tried my best. All with slightly dodgy wi-fi/4g so it takes a while. I’m hoping to catch up today though. Four more days to upload! Then I really must spend a couple of days reading and doing the final edit on my fantasy book. So much to do, but I bloody love it and it’s exactly what I wanted from boating life.

Typically we decide on our rest day to have a walk into Kings Bromley, a nice walk we are promised in the marina blurb, until… we find there is no path on the busy road, only a grassy verge and then it looked like it would take us through a lovely copse, but only for a few minutes before we were back next to the huge lorries steaming past. We finally find a foot path across a field and then it’s past the ploughed fields looking for archaeological finds, over the dry, arid ground strewn with clumps of daisies and piled high straw bales, before back on the road and then finally into the co-op in Kings Bromley and then a very hot sweaty walk back the way we came.

We check the all-important washing has finished and hang it out and not a dog hair in sight – hurrah. The kind lady in the office gave us another wash token this morning when we explained about having to do another wash. The staff are very friendly on this site and I’m sure the facilities will be better once all the staff are settled and a few improvements are made. Also it turns out if you don’t get back to the machine within the time from the token you buy to run them then the door locks and you have to get another. That is really not boater friendly, as you cannot hang about whilst a wash is being done all the time.

Right, I might have a coffee or go for a well needed power nap. I have both in the end and it is a quiet rest of the day. When you’re pottering around you can almost forget you live on a boat. I crack on with more blogging and writing. We are treated to yet another fabulous sunset. Tomorrow it’s time to leave the Marina.

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