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Day Twelve… Fradley locks…

It’s a disappointing start to the morning when we attempt to use the showers but the water is cold and the power of the water is rubbish for filling the boat back up. But never mind, I’m sure once they’ve had time to rejuvenate the facilities it will be a wonderful site although it’s a shame they didn’t spend the money on the facilities first, rather than the pontoons and the office block.

Boat expertly steered out of the Marina and onto the pontoon we get her filled up with approx. 50 litres of fuel at approx. £56. Baring in mind we put in £216 when we bought the boat at the end of May it will be interesting to see how long it lasts for. Although i’m sure we will be still better off than being on land – the price of energy in the UK is just unfeasible – not sure how they expect people to find the money! Looking at the amount of diesel we got today I’m not too sure they charged us right when we originally filled up but oh well. It’s difficult to tell when there are no proper gauges to check.

Our first stop is Woodend Lock. I pull out a load of the weed which is in the lock as it can be a pain when they clump together and you don’t want it stuck around the prop ((The prop lays below the waterline at the stern and steers the boat)) and then you have to go in the deep dark depths of the weed hatch… ((This a hole in the boat which is near the engine where you can reach in and disentangle anything which is stuck around the prop – not a very nice job as you’re sticking your hand into the canal!))

We make our way through the other locks which mostly have lockies on them which really helps. I wanted to try and get pics of them but it’s not easy when you’re trying to do the locks and chatting to people. I had a lovely chat with a young lad who was on holiday with his family. It seems they weren’t enjoy it much but he was really into it. I reckon he will be a boater later in life. I showed him how to do the paddles and he helped out with a few of the locks and people moan about young kids! I think a lot of it is how adults talk to them, when I was running the Literature village at Newark Book Festival I was faced with a situation where a group of kids came on the market square and sent a drone up. Now, I couldn’t really have stopped them but instead of going up and shouting at them and demanding they put it away I went up and asked nicely, and you know what one of the other said, ‘come on, she’s asked nicely. Take it down.’ So there you go. I know that probably won’t work in all situations but I do think adults sometimes forget they were kids when they talk to them and you don’t often come our better off when you challenge them.

Anyway, I digress – must be the heat today – man alive it’s another hot one. We moor up near Alrewas and have lunch before wandering into the village via the pub. They don’t have ginger beer, prosecco or malibu and pineapple, I mean what is the world coming too! I had a small rose instead which was very nice. We then get some shopping before, you guessed, back to the boat for an afternoon of writing, napping and then we watch the final Hobbit film on TV and then more writing for me before bed. I think i’m up to about 10,000 words on this blog adventures so far! ((Keep going, Peachy we might be able to get another book out of this lol))

Another great day of cruising and locks and lots of lovely people chatted to on route home. I did have more pictures to upload but for some reason the PC didn’t like them.

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