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Day Seventeen – Illegal mooring and we have to crank it!

It’s an early morning cruise as the battery is on 51% and when we use the coffee machine it uses about 2-3% of the battery… ((wait you mean you started the day without a coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Why didn’t you call the emergency coffee line… I’m sure Mick would have delivered one)) I doubt it Brackets – I know exactly what he would have said!

I took a break from updating this to be ‘brolly girl’ it’s so hot today and getting hotter this week. The sun was scorching so I tried to offer as much shade as possible.

We quickly got to the dreaded Cranfleet Lock – this is the one which I had trouble with on the way up as I hadn’t fully lowered the paddle so it wouldn’t fill up. ((let’s face it. It’s easier to tell people which one you haven’t had trouble with – I don’t know why you enjoy doing them so much!)) I noticed they have fitted something since we were last here which stops the locking pin from stopping the mechanism – I know there is a name for this but my mind has gone blank. ((Sorry Peachy this sun has fried my chips)) Anyway, it’s sort of reassuring as I don’t like making mistakes or wasting water. The whole paddle/lock mechanism obviously needs a little bit of attention. We share the lock with a solo boater who is also heading to Holme Lock so we will probably meet him a few times along the way.

Arriving into Beeston Lock we meet him again and share this lock, it always seems a little bit pointless on this lock as the water level barely changes here, especially with the water levels being so low. There are facilities here which we didn’t realise but we are going to wait until Holme lock. This is the lock where the paddles are attached and you have to leave the red ones open.

We’ve just had an email from Canal and River Rescue to say they are coming to do the stern gland fix on Wednesday so that’s all worked out really well as we need to sort the storage unit out, although looking at the temperatures it is not going to be pleasant in the metal storage unit!

Right, it’s on to Nottingham where we will have a lunch stop and hopefully top up of food in Sainsburys. We see a boat having a tricky time getting out of Castle Marina so we decide to moor up on the nice little spot just before, we have a trip to Sainsburys and are eating our butties watching Narrowboat Will when there is a knock on the door. The chap from Castle marina come to tell us we have parked illegally – we couldn’t see the sign saying it was private. Either the sunstroke or tiny writing which seems to be a general theme across the boating world. Anyway, since we are actually customers of Aquavista who own the marina strictly speaking we can stop on their visitor moorings but normally you would just notify them. The chap is absolutely fine about it and we finish our lunch stop and crack on.

We’ve just had another message from the Canal and River Rescue saying they can only come tomorrow now – honestly they are a bit hit and miss with the old timings/communication. I think when we renew our insurance/cover we will look elsewhere to see if anyone is better. They did offer to come to us but with us being on the River Trent I don’t think there is an easy place for them to get to us really, so we are now having to crank it as far as we can today to hopefully just to a little stint in the morning.

The locks in Nottingham all go well. I’ve sort of got used to people watching now. I suppose you have to and some days it will go like clockwork like today, and some days it won’t.

I’m writing this whilst sitting in Holme lock on our way down. Lovely lockie here, I will have to find out his name. Very helpful chap and a nice bit of banter whilst we wait for another boat to join us. We are aiming to get to Hazelford lock if we can today, will see how we goes…

We made it to Hazelford lock! What a long and very very hot day! I think we set off at about 8.15am, we had that stop in Nottingham for maybe 45mins and arrived here at 5.30pm.

Time for tea and then up early to go home!!

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