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Writing update…

Hello folks, and a big hello to all the new people who have followed my blog lately. Welcome aboard and please feel free to comment and ask questions. ((Just be aware… if she doesn’t know the answer she will make it up!))

Well, going back to work was a shock to the system after 6.5 weeks off I can tell you ((Ohhh, we feel so sorry for you Peachy. What a hard life you have! Never fear, one day you might actually sell some books and be able to afford to go boating and write full time!)) To be honest that would be amazing Brackets, but I do like where I work and since I’ve moved onto a boat and had to get rid of loads of books, where better to spend my days than surrounded by books! I work as a library assistant for those that don’t know ((Even if they did Peachy, you change jobs more often than Microsoft does updates, so forgive them if they cannot keep up!)) I haven’t changed that much and I’ve returned to my old job so that makes it a bit easier for people to keep track, you’re so dramatic Brackets!

Anyway, it’s been a bloody fabulous summer getting to know our canal boat and having lots of adventures. I just thought I would give you a bit of an update on where I am with my writing journey, as to be fair, even I get confused so… ((oh, the joy. I might go and clean up my cookies))

  1. Book Three in my fantasy series; Festival of Time – this is with my editor friend and I’m hoping to publish end of October all being well. I think I’ve settled on a title. I’m also waiting to get a quote on the covers as I really would like to have three separate designs which are more in style with the fantasy digital art commonly seen on books – mainly because these will then compete with the books which are selling well on the Amazon market. But, as with everything, it all comes down to cost. If anyone knows any fantasy digital artists then do let me know.
  2. The two books i’ve written for my digital publisher Saga are in the editing stages but unlikely to be published until next year, so more on them as I know the dates. I’ve completed the short story for an anthology they are publishing; I believe later this year, again will update once I know more. I’ve been getting some great reviews for Power of Nature so please do check it out on Amazon or click on ‘My Books’ page for the link.
  3. Those who follow me on Insta and Facebook will know I’ve made a start on the story I’m writing for my writing group anthology for 2023. This is going to require a lot of research into the history of the church which my story is based on. Hopefully this will start with a tour up the spire! ((Hope it’s not too windy up there!)) I think I’m going to have to be very careful that I don’t get carried away and write too many words! This will be published next year, so a work in progress but I wanted to get a head start.
  4. I think I’ve said somewhere that I was about to start on my psychological thrillers which are the first novel I wrote back in 2018. I really couldn’t decide if I should keep them as 1st person or change to 3rd. My beta readers are so far preferring 1st but some like 3rd, so I’m going to have to decide soon what I want to do, as I don’t want to re-write them again and I’m being nagged to get these published so I better get on with it. I really cannot wait to get stuck back into these.

That’s it for the old writing update. I am going to try and do some promotion on my books as my sales are very, very dire. The problem is, once I’ve written a book I want to move onto the next story but as I’ve explained in previous blogs, it’s not cheap to self-publish a book and I could really do with some sales to at least make enough money to publish book 3 in my fantasy series, so if you fabulous people wouldn’t mind sharing or tagging people who you think would like my books as I share, that would be great. I promise not to do the hard… sell, sell, sell!

Now I’ve started my new job I finish at lunchtime on a Friday so I’m hoping Friday afternoons will be full of writing, research and all things book related ((Yeah, yeah. Next minute we will see a picture of a glass of prosecco even though you have said you’re going work on your summer prosecco pouch – that brings to mind a kangaroo who hold their baby in their pouch and now I’m laughing to myself.)) Rude! Brackets. Leave my prosecco pouch out of it. I’m a serious writer and will be found in one my local pubs  cafes doing serious writing things on a Friday afternoon!

Right, that’s it from me. Have a fab month everyone and hopefully I will be able to update you on book 3 and the other bits and bobs next month!


P.S. I know this blog is slightly late but first week back at work and all that – I was shattered and I had to do some boaty stuff Friday afternoon like filling up our water tank. A friend suggested filling it with prosecco! Genius!

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