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Social Media, learning new skills… are they worth your time? Is writing a book the easy part? (& a free eBook!)

How is it February already? It’s not that I’m not happy for winter to ‘do one’ because I want to go cruising but still. ((You’re never happy with anything, Peachy. Moan, moan, moan))

I’ve mentioned before that writing a book seems like such a very small part of writing life once you take the scary plunge to publish; whether that be self-publishing, finding an agent or submitting your work directly to a publisher. When I started out I didn’t realise the amount of time I would spend learning new platforms and ways to promote my books. For me, finding the time is by far the hardest part about being a writer as I work full-time and it’s difficult enough to find the time to write, never mind the promotional side! Once you’ve written your book, published it and nagged your friends and family into buying multiple copies, where do you advertise to get more sales?

So, with that in mind. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve started a YouTube channel to share the journey of my new life living on a narrowboat, so that’s a big learning curve at the moment in terms of video editing and promotion. So far, it’s going well. I have a steady stream of new subscribers and over 6,500 views which is amazing in only 3 weeks. ((Calm down Peachy we know your mum has the video on repeat!)) I’ve never liked having my photo taken, so creating videos has been way, way, out of my comfort zone – but dare I say it, I’m actually enjoying it and a teeny, tiny bit proud of myself for being brave enough to create them. I’ve had a few views on my channel from people in America. Interestingly this week, the eBook for book one in my fantasy series as it’s on promotion to celebrate 2 years since i published it ((The eBook is free until Sunday night people… Click here )) (thanks Brackets.) and the majority of downloads so far have been from America – I don’t know if they had seen my YouTube videos and then found me on social but it means that putting the work into one field of social, supports another.

This month I’m also going to give TikTok/Booktok a go and see how that works out. I will aim to update you next month on how both these platforms are going then hopefully it will help anyone thinking of trying them. Sadly, I’m moving away from Twitter due to the lack of engagement. It used to be a wonderful support network. I don’t think it ever generated many sales but it was a haven for chatting with other writers but I suppose platforms change, and it’s why we are constantly on a learning curve to try the next one.

Right, that’s it from me. I’ve no doubt gone over my intended word count again ((Only by 150 words Peachy, not bad for you!))

For those following ‘what’s happening’ with my Psychological Thriller book… progress has been made and I’m slowly making my way through a full edit.

Have a fab writing/reading/promoting month. I aim to publish my blogs on the first Friday of each month… so, until next time.

Clair x ((and me, Brackets)) 

P.S. If any of you use the same platforms as me please do let me know so we can ‘follow’ each other.

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