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New goals, narrowboat adventures and writing plans!

It’s been a busy old start to the year which started with a stinking cold but once that was out of the way I decided it was time to get my writing and future plans back on track which is why my blog is late!  ((go on Peachy, before you go any further, tell them what you’ve done…)) you’re such a grass Brackets! Okay, so I’d written this blog and then I forgot to save it before I shut down my laptop. I know! I know!

After doing a bit of research I’ve decided to try and keep my blogs to around 300 words ((OH this should be good!)) apparently people don’t want to read long blogs! I’ve also started a YouTube channel ((I’ve opened a new support line which is open 24/7 for anyone needing help. Peachy, is there anywhere you won’t try and sell your books?!)) It’s not really about that actually, Brackets! As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs we now live on a narrowboat and friends and family keep asking to see videos and the easiest way to share is via YouTube. So, I have! There will be lots more to add and lots of ramblings and adventures. Here is the link… please subscribe (it’s free) Like etc. YouTube C.L. Peache (some of the sound isn’t brilliant on the older videos as we never intended to share them!)

((Peachy that’s 233 words and you haven’t even told them anything about your writing yet!)) Okay, so this year I’ve said I’m focusing on my psychological thriller series and to do that I need to do some research on police procedures. I’ve seen a few authors recommend this book so I asked Santa for a copy! The Crime Writer’s Casebook by Stuart Gibbon and Stephen Wade who have lots of experience so I’m hoping this information will keep the story line and events believable. My main character is a journalist, rather than a police officer but as she is investigating crimes, I need to make sure it’s right. ((320 words!)) Oh, darn it, failed on the first blog but it’s much shorter than my normal ones!

((If I carry on chatting then your word count is going to go through the roof, but would I do that to you?! You better not become a YouTube star and then stop writing your blog because that will mean you’re effectively killing me and all your blog followers will not be happy!)) I wouldn’t worry about that Brackets,although if it does happen we could turn you into a puppet so you could be on the channel. ((A PUPPET!… well, I’ve never been so insulted….)) right I’m calling it before Brackets kicks off.

Happy writing, researching and reading everyone. Until next month. x

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