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A year gone by…

Well, it’s been a year. I will try and only include book related stuff as I’m sure people are sick of my whole ‘life story’. ((Excellent, a blog where you’re not moaning. It must be Christmas – well it was Christmas when you started writing this blog and then you went off drinking all the mulled wine, eating all the food and socialising all over the country and only managed 2 blogs of the so called ‘series’ you were going to do! Call yourself a writer!)) Now, you behave Brackets, just because you think you’ve got fans out there, don’t let it go to your head by trying to get a laugh out of people at my expense!

2022 looking back – it didn’t turn out as I planned and I’m back to working full-time/term time which wasn’t really the idea, but such is life. I’ve moved house and onto a narrowboat after I nearly died ((You’re so dramatic!)) in February and we decided to have a bit of change – drastic maybe, life changing yes, and despite suffering the two extremes of weather; 41 degrees in the summer and -6 the other day, we still love boat life and are looking forward to ‘cruising the cut’ more in 2023. I really need to get my page sorted and perhaps a few YouTube videos of when we bought the boat, what we have done, where we have cruised etc – I AM NOT a natural on camera so don’t expect too much if I do put them on! ((Our expectations are always set to minus, don’t worry Peachy. Just keep the camera pointed forward and we will be happy)) Overall, despite a few set backs it’s been a good year and hopefully 2023 will be the same. It’s a strange day as it would have been my dad’s 80th today and no doubt there would have been a big party and much oggy, oggy, oggy shouting going on! I wish i could have celebrated my writing achievements with him but my mum does a bloody amazing job of supporting me. 🙂

On the book front… ((finally, we get to the book stuff. I thought you weren’t going to go about your life story foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….))  I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel like I’m getting nowhere and then when I write my end of year blog and realise I should stop putting pressure on myself as I’m actually doing pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! ((If your head gets any bigger you’re going to bang it more often than you already do on that boat! It might knock some sense into you though!)) If you don’t behave, I’m going to edit you! ((you wouldn’t dare! My fans want to me to have a voice!))

Book stuff… My mystery/thriller, Power of Nature was published on 15th April with Saga Fiction. Book 2 in my fantasy series; Festival of Time – Rescue was published in March 2022 and now I’ve had my covers recreated and book 3 – Battle was published in November, and the last in the trilogy. All very exciting! I also contributed to a story with the Fosseway Writers’ called Blood, Sweat and Typewriters. So, all in all, a very good year in my writing world! ((I must admit that’s not bad, Peachy but you haven’t told them the mistake you made…)) Well, in some of my promotion I might have mentioned that book 3 in my fantasy series; Battle, was my 10th published story when it was, in fact, my 12th! Oops. My friends often say they cannot keep track of my books and it seems the same goes for me! Oh well. ((Since then she has been telling people about the mistake but saying it’s her 13th publication! This is the kind of person I have to deal with! I need to speak with my agent, I demand a better blogger who isn’t peri-menopausal and who can actually remember stuff!))

In 2023…

In other writing news… Next year I’m possibly going to be running a four-week creative writing class, if enough people sign up that is! Which I’m excited about but also naturally terrified. I’m looking forward to pulling together all the various tricks of the trade I’ve learned over the years and hopefully help some other writers in the process.

I’ve finally managed to complete the current edits on my romance novel with Saga Fiction and sent those back. I’m hoping this book will be out next year. You can read some of my stories via their app or Power of Nature is on Amazon.

My main plans for 2023 are to promote my books, which I admit I am rubbish at, and finally rewrite my thriller novels ((If I got a £1 for every time you said you would get on with this series I would be a billionaire – take that Del Boy!)) I know, but I believe my writing journey to date has all been about developing my skills so I can do the thriller series justice.

Personal goals other than the usual lose weight ((if someone wrung you out like a cloth you would lose a stone in prosecco, wine, Baileys and mulled wine – not to mention the coffees and hot chocolate made with coconut milk!)) is to cruise as much as possible on the boat and redo the bedroom and bathroom – still so much to do! ((That comment might have been a step too far, i think i’m being ignored until i behave!))

Anyway, that’s me for 2022. I wish you all a happy new year. ((It must be New Year somewhere Peachy – maybe New Zealand – hey if anyone has NZ on their bucket list for 2023 how about reading Peachy’s book? Check out her website… )) Good smooth link there Brackets. ((Stick with me kid and you will go far… phew i got away with that – just like that, back in the good books.)) I hope you’ve had an amazing year of book related shenanigans and this will continue into 2023. Thank you to everyone for the support this year and to everyone who has bought my books – it means a lot.

((me)) and Peachy. xxx

((p.s. Love the pic of the boat – i still cannot believe how perfect your boat name is – it was destiny Peachy))

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