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Signing books!

((oh look, Peachy. A picture of you out in the wild! A rare sight indeed. Nice to finally see a little snippet of the boat – can you please get the videos on the website?))  You are so demanding Brackets, I’m going to try and get some pictures and videos of the boat on the website on Friday. ((Here is a thought… if you stop socialising and drinking Baileys you might actually get some work done!))

Anyway, yes. This is me. Signing my pile of books. Not quite the same as when you see the best selling authors signing thousands of copies but in my world, it’s the same thing. Especially as this pile of books have been sold and are just awaiting my signature… so, let’s get onto the subject of signing books. It’s very weird and my brain tends to freeze when I have to think of something to write in them! Now I have a trilogy and three books to sign in one sitting, do I sign each book? Do I add a few words in each one? If you’re an author in the same situation then please give me advice on what you do. It doesn’t seem right just to add my signature as I feel like I should write a little something in each book. These are things authors worry about after they have cycled through the usual panic of their book being a load of rubbish!

A couple of notes I’ve written in my books are; happy reading, enjoy the adventure, thank you for the support. I feel like i need to come up with a phrase i use on each book so i don’t have to use my brain power thinking of what to write! ((First world problems people. An author who cannot think of words to write – what is the world coming to! Also, i think you’re overthinking the old signing thing Peachy))

I’m sure i mustn’t be the only person who has sat down and practiced their signature – this is another weird moment. As I use a pen name ((You put pen name because you couldn’t remember how to spell pseudonym didn’t you Peachy?)) Look, Brackets. That’s why we have systems like Word, it’s the software’s job to sort out the spellings, I just write the words. Back to signing, I have to really concentrate so I sign using my pen name ((pseudonym)) and not my real name. I still have the piece of paper from when I first practiced my signature, I’m sure all authors who have pen names – ((pseu…)) don’t do it Brackets! Have done the same early on in their writing journey.

I also made a mistake in one of the books i signed the other day, but luckily this was for a friend, so I crossed it out and told them it would be worth a fortune in the future lol. Has anyone else had any weird signing moments? Do you put a little message in each book or just sign your name? I suppose this depends on if you know the person you’re signing it for. ((I think you’re deffo overthinking this!))

Also, do you have a signing pen? At the very beginning of my journey my friend bought me a wonderful Parker Pen with my pen name; C.L. Peache engraved on it ((The restraint it killing me)) and I use this to sign my books. I know some authors prefer sharpies but I’ve tried using them but I prefer to use my pen.

Right, that’s my thoughts for today. Oh, ((wait for it people. I hope those credit cards are still locked up!)) I’m trialing adding an option to my website where you can buy signed copies. They will not arrive as quickly as any purchased from Amazon as there seems to be a 3-4 week delay in receiving author copies.

Click here to have a look and purchase your signed copies… Festival of Time

I hope everyone is having a lovely break or looking forward to some time off. 😊 x

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