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Which social media platforms should you use as a writer? Here are a few I’ve tried… and i have a book birthday!

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. How is it March already? ((Well we have this thing called a calendar and we have days, weeks, months and that makes up a year and then there is thing called time…)) alright, no need to be sarcastic!

I said I would feedback on how I’d found making content for YouTube and the scary world of BookTok/TikTok. I already use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, although I’ve moved away from Twitter as I’ve mentioned in other blogs as it’s feels as if it’s become more difficult to engage with people.

Firstly, I set up a TikTok account which was very easy to do and then I attempted to navigate this new world. I’m just over five weeks into it and it’s not for me. As I rule I usually get on with new tech very quickly or it’s not for me ((Peachy is too old to learn too many new tricks folks. She remembers the time before mobiles and the internet!! I know! You know the saying you cannot teach very old dog’s new tricks…))

I’ve added a few videos to TikTok which received a few likes and follows and I’ve followed other accounts and tried to like videos of interest so the all-important algorithm learns what I like and don’t like ((I could tell you that after about 3 mins of looking at your social media accounts… dislikes: working / likes: everything else! Lazy!)) I’m not normally one to give up so early on something but I don’t see the value of trying to think of content for TikTok when I prefer Instagram as a platform for videos/pictures and interaction. Like with all social media if you’re going to create something successful you need to put the work in and in the interest of not stretching myself, TikTok is a no for me at the moment. Please do let me know if you’ve tried/trying it and how you have found it. Maybe one day I will come back to it but for now TikTok is a no from me. ((Ohhh I bet the shares in TikTok have dropped as we speak, Peachy. Bet they are compiling an email as we speak to try and win you back))

My experience with YouTube has been completely different. So far, I love the interactions I’ve received sharing my narrowboat adventures.  Again, I have a lot to learn in terms of editing but it already feels more engaging than other platforms. I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m stepping back from Twitter due to the lack of interaction but I’ve had some lovely chats with people and even sold a couple of books and received a glowing review on Amazon which is amazing. I now have over 220 subscribers and nearly 15,000 views which is fantastic in such a short time. For me, it’s all about the interaction. Selling books is a lovely bonus and I know I should focus on that more but I prefer to get to know people and chat! ((Oh, we all know you like to chat Peachy!))

Ultimately it’s all about which platforms you like and what works for you. The only problem with trying all these different platforms is it’s taking away any precious time I have for writing/editing my novel. I’d already decided to give myself a bit of an easy year but then I start putting pressure on myself to do more! Although I now enjoy editing, it’s really not a patch on writing a new story and all the excitement and sleepless nights which come with it. Oh well, will just have to crack on and stop moaning ((Peachy, I don’t like to acknowledge this very often but you tell the best jokes… Stop moaning… you! That’s tickled my memory banks that has.))

I’m going to try and aim to get at least half of my book edited by the next blog! ((She says, not putting pressure on herself.))

((Since Peachy has forgotten… it was the 1st book birthday for Book Two in her fantasy series: Festival of Time: Rescue on 4th March! Click here to buy the book and help out a poor author...))

Thanks Brackets, what would I do without you? Until next time folks 😊 x

P.S. If you’re interested in my narrowboat adventures please click here.

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