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Day three in the writers house :)


Well my plans for today slightly changed as I was supposed to be drinking Prosecco and generally crying with laughter… but instead I have been editing, sitting in the sun (thinking about my stories – I’m no slacker! I was also drinking coffee and eating strawberries)  I have also being doing research on increasing my online profile via Instagram and WordPress (this blog)

Few things for you;
Instagram – now I got a little confused as I looked on some peoples profiles and they have about 15.5 thousand followers and they have posted like 2 pictures! please, they are not that good! Maybe if they had posted pictures to show that aliens are real or a zombie wandering around Newark Town Centre… but, sadly no. (how cool would that be! all my research watching walking dead would come in handy!) Anyways, after looking into this it seems people buy followers (FYI: I just rolled my eyes!) come on when did we need to have thousands of followers to justify if someone likes our pictures. Anyone that has linked to this blog or follows my Instagram – know you are special – I would rather have real people engaging with me than thousands of made up people. I don’t mind having thousands of followers – but I would still rather they are real. (I wonder where all these fake people live, what rights to they have? do they need freeing from captivity! sorry my creative brain just went off on one)

So to increase traffic to your site, you can use tags and categories – found on the right and side of the page – very much like hashtags. I have increased the traffic to my site by using these. It not just about getting my name/work out there, I want to engage with other new writers – share ideas. There is so so much to learn when you are starting out, every little helps and I am interested in other peoples journeys, and basically I love networking 🙂

I have edited two stories to the best of my ability today. You know most people would like a live in cleaner? I would like a live in Editor lol. I am slowly getting to like editing but I wish I could do what I think (I know) I do best, and that’s write stories. Any stories. this week I’ve written 1,800 words which is the start of a story about a witch, I’ve written 4,000 words about a mans life that takes a turn for the worse when he meets a woman! I’ve have finished a kids story – I asked my Nephew to read it for me and he said, “Yeah I liked it” Now to get a kid away from his gaming to read his Aunties story and comment on it – I’m thinking its going to be bigger than Harry Potter lol.

I was only going to do a short blog and now I am going on again! soz. Sighing off now. (I just wrote sighing off! left that in as it made me laugh!) must be tired.

see you tomorrow 🙂 xxx

p.s. I’m back! if you want leave a comment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day three in the writers house :)”

    1. Thanks 😍. Keeping me motivated. No rest for me, even though i have just given up work 🤦🏼‍♀️. Xx


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