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Day four, writing group and writing naked

Okay, I better explain myself a little bit here so you don’t get the wrong idea! This morning I went into Newark to meet up with my pals – one my editor friend that I have mentioned before (he says he’s not a proper editor, but as far as I can see he is doing a cracking job on my book and I hope he will stay friends with me after he has finished!) and my friend that is a published author – I better not name drop just in case…

Anyway, we had a very lovely morning talking about all things booky, editing, book festivals as well as general stuff (you are thinking now – get on with the bit about being naked) we all worked at the same place so were basically talking about all the things we didn’t miss. After this, I walked home and it was very hot! I arrived wilting into the house and you guessed it – stripped off and sat in front of this very laptop (oh god – hope no-one has switched on my laptop camera – better check the tinterweb in a minute and make sure no-one is watching me!!!) so there I was sat typing away with my lovely fan cooling me down and I thought – well you cannot do this at work – another good reason why being self employed is fab – bet they don’t have that in any books about being self-employed. Chapter one – sitting naked in front of the fan while working, now that would be an outstanding first chapter. I just don’t think most companies would allow you to do this at work 😦

Right get that image out of your head and concentrate. So I very very nearly submitted my work to an agent today… sooo close. My writer friend told me to get on with it lol. But I needed to get a few things right before I do so. But, I have narrowed down a few agents to sent it to so mid-august will the date I send my book out eeekkkkkk. It is very important to get it right as you are selling yourself – not in the way you are thinking! Normally you are asked for a covering letter, synopsis and then a certain amount of words/chapters. Its worth doing your homework on the agents and seeing what other books/authors they have published to make sure they are the right fit for your genre.

That’s pretty much it for today. I am fully clothed now you will be pleased to hear. Tomorrow will be my last one in this little daily treat I have been giving you, then I will go back to weekly ones. I hope you are enjoying them and hopefully learning something (even if it is just to check that your laptop camera is switched off!) if you are following this as a newbie writer like me. I will probably do another daily blog mid-late august when I submit my actual book. I am also going to do ‘on location’ pictures on my Instagram account – these will be in reference to the places I have used in my book. You can find me under clpeache if you want to check that – I will start that august time. I also might have a little friend on location with me…

Thanks for reading – keep cool – if you are work please don’t do as I do and strip off – could result in a disciplinary 🙂 x

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