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Day five. Daydreaming and plans

Sat on the foreshore of London, thinking about what to blog about. Listening to sound of thunder and waiting for the rain to come.

Today, has mainly consisted of sitting in a hot car travelling to London. But not a completely wasted day when it comes to the work of an author.

I have used the time wisely to daydream about plots and plans. A new story i came up with last night is a bit dark – but i enjoy that kind of story. i also have a spy story in mind and had some great ideas to develop this – might need to go a cruise though 🤔 (better check my expenses balance – oh wait i dont have expenses yet. If any cruise companies want to sponsor me – get in touch 🤷🏼‍♀️) its good to step back from writing and have a good old think. We have also been planning our trip to New Zealand next year and might even book some flights tomorrow. 😱. Very exciting and the location for my third book so will be doing lots of research while there.

Ive enjoyed doing this daily blog and hope you have enjoyed reading it. No nakedness in today’s blog due to supreme air-con when we got to the hotel. Sorry.

The rain has arrived. Now sat under a tree sheltering from the rain. Gotta love the uk weather, full 32 degree heat to rain fall in a split second. Finally, its cool though!

Will blog again next friday, try not to be too sad about not getting your daily fix 😉. X

2 thoughts on “Day five. Daydreaming and plans”

    1. Yes, we have had all weathers this weekend in london. Currently hiding out in a wetherspoons pub planning our accommodation for new zealand

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